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Food Ingredient Savings

Key Blends has innovative ways to help you compete in an environment with high commodity prices.  In 2015, Egg prices hit historic highs and there was no relief in sight. Key Blends can Help with ingredient cost reduction when the markets go crazy.


Key Blends specializes in concentrates.  Concentrates allow you to purchase local commodities that will lower your costs.  Key Blends removes as much flour, sugar and shortening as possible to allow you to buy your own commodities.  Whenever a commodity is processed by a blended it has additional overhead, packaging, labor, and reshipping added to it.  By eliminating these steps, you save money.



Our innovative emulsifiers contain more functional ingredients.  This allows lower usage levels  our Emulsol 220P emulsifier contains higher levels of fully saturated (functional) monoglycerides than traditional powdered monoglycerides used.  This allows you to reduce the amount used.



Enzymes can be used at extremely low levels to replace emulsifiers, gluten, oxidation agents and more.  Monoglycerides can be replaced with enzymes. Lecithins and egg yolks can be improved with enzymes to make them more functional .


Custom Blends:

Many companies sell you 5 items with filler in each to perform each one of these functions.  Key Blends specializes in custom blends so we remove the fillers and give you 1 additive that does all the functions at a drastically reduced usage rate. The result is savings in the cost of the ingredients, savings in less inventory and savings in labor.

Call us to discuss how our concentrates allow you to use the most economical ingredients available to help maintain your costs.