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Sriracha Seasoning for Popcorn and ChipsKey Blends Bulk Powdered Sriracha Seasoning provides the sweet spicy flavor of Sriracha sauce in a convenient powdered form that works great on Popcorn, chips and more. Our powder can be used on many products.  Our goal was to provide a decent Sriracha flavor without being too hot to eat.  Suggested uses, popcorn seasoning, potato chip seasoning, corn chip seasoning, french fry seasoing and it can be added to other ingredients to create sauces.  Add it to mayonnaise, yogurt, catsup and even to top vegetables and meat!

Our Sriracha powder has a very clean label and contains natural peppers, sugar, and vinegar.  We DO NOT use sodium diacetate.  Our Sriracha powder is natural.

Sriracha is  a very popular flavor that is a blend of peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt.  It is named after a coastal city in Thailand called Si Racha, thus the name Siracha!  It is commonly used by many Thai and Vietnamese restaurants as a table condiment


 Packed 50 lbs to a box  50 lb minimum order