Key Blends

Food Ingredients

50 lb bulk boxes 

Jalapeno Cheddar SeasoningOne of our favorite popcorn and chip seasonings.  Combine the savory goodness of white cheddar cheese with the spiciness of Jalapenos and you have an instant success!  Popcorn and chip lovers will love this combination.

 Our Jalapeno Cheddar Seasoning is a spicy blend of  white cheddar cheese, jalapeno, salt garlic, and onion.  It is a natural powder that meets many retailers definition on natural.  

The jalapeno cheddar blend is an excellent topping on potato chips, tortilla chips and popcorn and other products.

Make the following:

Natural Jalapeno Cheese Popcorn

Natural Jalapeno Cheese Pretzels

Natural Jalapeno Cheese Potato Chips

Natural Jalapeno Cheese Tortilla Chips

Natural Jalapeno Cheese Snack Blends

Natural Jalapeno Cheese Peanuts


Popcorn and Potato Chip Flavor ideas by mixing our blends

Jalapeno Cheddar Popcorn or potato chip

Jalapeno Cheddar with Bacon Popcorn or potato chip

Chipotle Chili, Jalapeno Cheese Popcorn or potato chip

Try our blends on chicken, pork and bread sticks!